Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How difficult is the design migration of wix to html

As the time goes by, Wix site doesn't ranks in searches and why is that?
Wix sites are slow and goes very slow in the slow internet speed. you can think about is it any good for your business? Will google rank slow loading sites while your competitors are producing fast and responsive sites to rank.?

But we are here for the point is what difficulties are really faced when migration is done.

Yeah it's a very lazy work and it requires a total hand coding of html.
Many people doesn't like this dirty work, it requires a lot of patient and hard work.
Analyzing the website and coding the design is something like a boring to the people. But what can you if you want money for this work.

Is it possible to convert Wix to dreamweaver?

As wix is a flash site and not HTML5. So, you cant convert wix to dreamweaver. And also dont think to do so. You cant read the flash code in your editor. This is simply a waste of time.
Yeah , but the truth is it's a good practice for the newbies designers to get the work done. After converting a lot of Flash sites, they will feel like they have practiced some coding and will become a great designer after all. In the process they will learn many new designing ideas and will be familiar with many new javaScript libraries that will boost their designing strength a lot.

Here are some points on what are the difficult barriers while design conversion to html:

  • -First of all you cant really copy the code and paste to your HTML file. You have to program everything with your hands.
  • -Save all the images. That's what you can do easily.
  • -You will see some slider kind of things in the these sites. Dont worry you can find many free source sliders compatible with jQuery (For example BX SLIDER)
  • -You will see some parallax design . It's also available in the free source basket. jQuery.parallax.js.
  • -Remember one thing that, you cant just think to export Wix to wordpress.
  • -Many of the this site functionality plugins are available in wordpress so dont worry, you will find an appropriate WP plugin according to your necessity.