Monday, September 12, 2016

Exact design conversion facts

What are the major factors in same to same design conversion?

The most important thing is exact conversion is really painful. Because the user who has build the site can do anything in drag and drop. So, you have to design accordingly well, so that it can look exactly same. And its too much painful, if you have to design in a wordpress theme, purchased from somewhere. In this case, the good chances are you cant design as it is.

Wix to Wordpress design conversion Facts

For designing freely, you have built it with a theme from scratch. And yes it really solve the designing problems.

Lets take a situation where you have build a beautiful design in wix and it is really big and hard. And you have purchased a theme of different design. That's where the problem arises if you need same design. In this case a custom theme will work far better (if you need a really good SEO). Because custom theme will be very fast and build perfectly to match your design exactly same.

Wix to Wordpress migration is not an easy process if you need the design as it is. You can some migration software or plugin but they are not effective in migrating the design.

How tuff is the exact conversion of your website to HTML5 then Wordpress?

As in the flash site builder, the user can change the design by their self, they can move the elements around in the template and drop at some position, coding those into HTML5 makes it more tuff.

Also, all the pages can have the different layouts, so the conversion process goes time taking too.

Wix uses some ugly sliders, that can be replace with the same functionality sliders as well.

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Big concerns after Wix to Wordpress Conversion

We will discuss the big concern after you move from Wix to Wordpress:

The main concern is can you use WP same like the Wix for the designing perspective. If the site moves to wordpress will you still be able to add and edit as I have been doing so easily with wix? As you have no experience with the web development are still able edit and manage things up.

As these two are different type of platform, these two can be seen differently. As this flash designing platform offers a great way to design your site easily. It can't be compared in the similar case with the other, as the other is build to provide a great platform to develop website that is fast, responsive and very good for SEO. Yes, you need a developer to build things up for you in WP, but that should not be your problem. Because you can trust WP site a great platform for websites and blogs. That's why many people use this.

use wordpress visual editor

use wordpress visual composer

Yes , you can use visual composers to a good effect for drag and drops like the flash. But it cann't be compared with the flash site builder.

The another big concern is what happens to the old urls in the wix (as you have many backlinks)?

If you have the old wix url structure then you can change the htaccess to redirect the old urls to the new ones.

How you can set up the domain ( purchased in Wix ) to point to your hosting?

You can change the host server ip in the Wix domain settings. Then you can host your domain in your hostings.

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Next step after website design in WIx Platform

Have you completed the awesome web design on the Wix platform and ready to go live and promote your business? Moving website from Wix to Wordpress will really help you to do SEO very freely and effectively. Because you can access the code easily in WP and do many optimizations at good effect. Where as in the flash development, they provide a small tool to do optimization, that do very little things that you cant say that a very genuine approach towards optimization,

You will probably designed many great pages with this website designing platform as this website builder is great in designing purpose, so that you can design every peice of a site by yourself with the drag and drop system provided by them. But its sad that it is not helpful in rank high becuase it lacks after the designing process.

The next step after the designing is to achieve high ranks in searches. It requires a good SEO tactics and a better site among your competitors.

This designing platform really lacks in those important portions for the website building. You need a good service provider to migrate your site from Wix to Wordpress in order to step forward in achieving those goals.

Why should you convert Wix flash to HTML5?

Take a look at Wix vs Wordpress SEO then you can think about why there is a serious business requirement of flash to HTML5.

  • The main reason is flash is not a proper HTML5. Search bots are facing troubles in reading those codes.
  • In Wix, everything loads at starting. Everything means every page(not every images). This causes slow loading at first time. This causes search bots to put it into "slow loading site list".
  • As this platform gives no access to the source code you can't edit the html and css in this site.
  • Also you cant change the template once the one template is set. Where in wordpress, you can change the theme and design layouts. Also easy access to the source code here.
  • As wordpress is becoming very popular, you can find many developers to do your work at really cheap price.

Now a days we have many stories about the people using this platform and they have many issues with it. Some issues are related to the site's look and scrollbar issues. They are really frustrated with the issues of the bad sliders and horizontal scrolling issues. Also it has many issues related the browsers compatibility. 

As the google boosts the responsive sites, This platform can't be responsive and can't have the responsive layout.

As you have made a very good looking website in this platform and don't want to waste your design then you should find a service who will convert your website design to Wordpress. Because website optimization is very easy to do task in this free source platform.

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Best SEO Strategies to work after switching from WIX to Wordpress

In this article we will look into the SEO strategies after you have moved from Wix to Wordpress, to get best results in Searches.

Switch from Wix to Wordpress boosts SEO

1. You should have a real good content focused on your business goals and traffic. So that other people can link to site url. It will give you some amount of traffic.The materials on the website should be useful for the users, therefore, they can visit you again. You have to think like a writer and always try to write articles in your niche in the others websites as well.Choosing a unique title and description always helps to keep you up w.r.t. google.

2. Make sure your wordpress site has no console errors after Wix to Wordpress conversion. Also check that your website is mobile ready. google boosts the sites that is complete responsive across all the mobile devices. There should not be and horizontal scrolling that breaks responsiveness. Using less sized images and minified code always helps to keep your site faster.

3. Take a secure protocol (HTTPS). https sites are boosted more than the normal insecure sites. In recent times, google has boosted many sites using a secure connection.

4. Make a markup( related to your business or whatever that site is build for. Having a schema in all the pages helps the bots to understand your site.

5. If you have build many backlinks for the wix site, redirect those to the new WP site, by htaccess.

6. Make sure you have got a pretty tight local SEO in the site. This include right positioning of the html elements (like h1, h2, p - quality html content).

7. There are many SEO plugins out there in the WP-repository, choose the right one, like yoast SEO.

8. Make sure your all image elements have a alt tags.

9. Submit the sitemap to google search console.

10. After 1-2 months see the keyword density and make the density of every keyword (1-2%).

11. Use google analytics to see website traffic.

Conclusion: No problem or SEO loss for "Switch from Wix to Wordpress". Infact, your SEO will be boosted.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

SEO of Wix verses SEO of Wordpress

The differentiation of wix and wordpress in terms of SEO.

Today only few flash  sites are working in chrome browser. Suddenly google chrome stopped loading the flash sites including wix. This is a starting of the new era of SEO as the HTML5 is more supportive by the most famous google's browser.

SEO of a WIX Site:

Today SEO is not limited to meta tags and content and backlinks. The major concern of SEO is also the site's loading in the browser. As the Wix site is loading very slow as compared to other sites in HTML5, Google reduced the ranking of the sites that loads very slow.
You can do other SEO work on the thease sites like writing a good quality content, drive heavy traffic, other marketing strategies to improve ranking but, it doesn't work until your site's loading speed is faster.

In Wix, all the pages have a url followed by hash and exclamation mark. The google bot reads all the pages as they are in the home page and they are not the real pages or in any directory. All the pages are part of the home page. That's why the pages doesn't rank in google. They has a canonical link to home page. You will not be pleased with the SEO of the this design builder site.

Wix provides SEO Unfriendly URLS

SEO of the Site:

The most important aspect of SEO in a WP site is, you can do every optimization in a very search engine friendly way. Starting from writing an attractive content to basic onsite optimization to offsite optimization is great in Wordpress.

Also the most importantly, wordpress has some great SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, to analyse your content and do many correction , that will help your content marketing strategies and boost your Website in searches.

Wix sites are very limited. A lot of people think that website creation is easy. But, it requires many things and tasks to make a perfect site. This hides many things that matters in SEO , that's why it is limited. While the open source frameworks like, Wordpress, Drupal are not limited, you can extend everything on these CMS platforms.

For the people who thinks that website creation is that easy, you can build it to top by yourself is completely a wrong conception. Having an expert developer for your website is really necessary, to grow your business in a suitable and competitive way.

 WIX limits the SEO outcome about 60-70% with respect to Wordpress. And its true. Therefore, you can think about the huge concern about the main element that causing this. And its the slow speed of loading. 60-70% of sites are loading faster than this platform.

WIX has got some tools but its not good enough to be called "Complete". That's why you can do a little amount of work on your website's optimization. And that's why it's very limited. Yeah but if you have got money to waste on SEO with this platform than you are very free enough to do so. 

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How difficult is the design migration of wix to html

As the time goes by, Wix site doesn't ranks in searches and why is that?
Wix sites are slow and goes very slow in the slow internet speed. you can think about is it any good for your business? Will google rank slow loading sites while your competitors are producing fast and responsive sites to rank.?

But we are here for the point is what difficulties are really faced when migration is done.

Yeah it's a very lazy work and it requires a total hand coding of html.
Many people doesn't like this dirty work, it requires a lot of patient and hard work.
Analyzing the website and coding the design is something like a boring to the people. But what can you if you want money for this work.

Is it possible to convert Wix to dreamweaver?

As wix is a flash site and not HTML5. So, you cant convert wix to dreamweaver. And also dont think to do so. You cant read the flash code in your editor. This is simply a waste of time.
Yeah , but the truth is it's a good practice for the newbies designers to get the work done. After converting a lot of Flash sites, they will feel like they have practiced some coding and will become a great designer after all. In the process they will learn many new designing ideas and will be familiar with many new javaScript libraries that will boost their designing strength a lot.

Here are some points on what are the difficult barriers while design conversion to html:

  • -First of all you cant really copy the code and paste to your HTML file. You have to program everything with your hands.
  • -Save all the images. That's what you can do easily.
  • -You will see some slider kind of things in the these sites. Dont worry you can find many free source sliders compatible with jQuery (For example BX SLIDER)
  • -You will see some parallax design . It's also available in the free source basket. jQuery.parallax.js.
  • -Remember one thing that, you cant just think to export Wix to wordpress.
  • -Many of the this site functionality plugins are available in wordpress so dont worry, you will find an appropriate WP plugin according to your necessity.

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