Thursday, September 1, 2016

SEO of Wix verses SEO of Wordpress

The differentiation of wix and wordpress in terms of SEO.

Today only few flash  sites are working in chrome browser. Suddenly google chrome stopped loading the flash sites including wix. This is a starting of the new era of SEO as the HTML5 is more supportive by the most famous google's browser.

SEO of a WIX Site:

Today SEO is not limited to meta tags and content and backlinks. The major concern of SEO is also the site's loading in the browser. As the Wix site is loading very slow as compared to other sites in HTML5, Google reduced the ranking of the sites that loads very slow.
You can do other SEO work on the thease sites like writing a good quality content, drive heavy traffic, other marketing strategies to improve ranking but, it doesn't work until your site's loading speed is faster.

In Wix, all the pages have a url followed by hash and exclamation mark. The google bot reads all the pages as they are in the home page and they are not the real pages or in any directory. All the pages are part of the home page. That's why the pages doesn't rank in google. They has a canonical link to home page. You will not be pleased with the SEO of the this design builder site.

Wix provides SEO Unfriendly URLS

SEO of the Site:

The most important aspect of SEO in a WP site is, you can do every optimization in a very search engine friendly way. Starting from writing an attractive content to basic onsite optimization to offsite optimization is great in Wordpress.

Also the most importantly, wordpress has some great SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, to analyse your content and do many correction , that will help your content marketing strategies and boost your Website in searches.

Wix sites are very limited. A lot of people think that website creation is easy. But, it requires many things and tasks to make a perfect site. This hides many things that matters in SEO , that's why it is limited. While the open source frameworks like, Wordpress, Drupal are not limited, you can extend everything on these CMS platforms.

For the people who thinks that website creation is that easy, you can build it to top by yourself is completely a wrong conception. Having an expert developer for your website is really necessary, to grow your business in a suitable and competitive way.

 WIX limits the SEO outcome about 60-70% with respect to Wordpress. And its true. Therefore, you can think about the huge concern about the main element that causing this. And its the slow speed of loading. 60-70% of sites are loading faster than this platform.

WIX has got some tools but its not good enough to be called "Complete". That's why you can do a little amount of work on your website's optimization. And that's why it's very limited. Yeah but if you have got money to waste on SEO with this platform than you are very free enough to do so.