Wix Convert to Wordpress – Get over Wix flash errors

Many of the wix website users are shifting towards more popular CMS Wordpress to achieve their business goals.

Yes it is a fact that, as a beginner you will enjoy wix for its easy to design tools. But the site made with the technology they use is not very much friendly with the search engines.

Wix platform is not for the business industry. It is for the beginners new to web design and website. As it offers many premade web-templates for different categories and people. Singer, artists, fashion designers, cooking, recipes, travel, wildlife, cinemas etc are the examples of the templates they provide. Different fonts and scripts are also in their house. You have to choose the suitable one bring your creative idea on the webpage.

There are many errors involved with this platform and really not recommended for professionals. 

These are the SEO errors. Also as you grow your pages and content, the website will get buggier. You will see that some scripts are not loaded properly. For slow internet connection their flash technology is worst.

wix sites ranks low in google, so wix convert to wordpress

Also there are many more issues with the cost and pricing of this website builder. They charge much for the premium membership, where you can remove the “site made by Wix” image.

 You will find some resources for wix convert to wordpress content migration but if you want full conversion of design as well as content then https://convertintowordpress.com is providing very good and quality services for the conversion.

As mentioned earlier this platform is for the beginners of web.
Lot of people make their design in the wix platform and convert wix to wordpress afterwords. Because Wordpress is trusted for the SEO performance it provides by the search engine friendly url structure.

As you will see , once you join their service, you will feel that you also married with their service. They will charge you like anything if you want more changes or customizing the site.

As it has many problems and why it is not best fit in SEO perspective:

  • ·      The website made in this platform is not generating the actual HTML CSS code that is not readable by the search engines and not fetched by robots properly. Also you cannot customize their ugly rendered html css code.
  • ·         Their flash technology is bad as well. The whole website is loaded at once including every page and post and image. That’s why it is loading very slow first time. Then opening different pages after loading is quick though. This slow speed of loading at first time is a matter for concern with respect to search engines like google.
  • ·         Wix made sites are not responsive , but if you pay them then they will make a responsive one for you. Responsive websites are ranked high in google.

Why Wix convert to wordpress?

As you get to know about the Wix flash technology and their errors, it’s advisable to convert your wix design to a wordpress template. Because the seo friendliness with wordpress is not hidden from people, as wordpress users are holding 30% of the world.

So, its upon you, that if you want your design and work not wasted, hire a service for wix to wordpress conversion and get the migration done.