Sunday, September 4, 2016

Next step after website design in WIx Platform

Have you completed the awesome web design on the Wix platform and ready to go live and promote your business? Moving website from Wix to Wordpress will really help you to do SEO very freely and effectively. Because you can access the code easily in WP and do many optimizations at good effect. Where as in the flash development, they provide a small tool to do optimization, that do very little things that you cant say that a very genuine approach towards optimization,

You will probably designed many great pages with this website designing platform as this website builder is great in designing purpose, so that you can design every peice of a site by yourself with the drag and drop system provided by them. But its sad that it is not helpful in rank high becuase it lacks after the designing process.

The next step after the designing is to achieve high ranks in searches. It requires a good SEO tactics and a better site among your competitors.

This designing platform really lacks in those important portions for the website building. You need a good service provider to migrate your site from Wix to Wordpress in order to step forward in achieving those goals.

Why should you convert Wix flash to HTML5?

Take a look at Wix vs Wordpress SEO then you can think about why there is a serious business requirement of flash to HTML5.

  • The main reason is flash is not a proper HTML5. Search bots are facing troubles in reading those codes.
  • In Wix, everything loads at starting. Everything means every page(not every images). This causes slow loading at first time. This causes search bots to put it into "slow loading site list".
  • As this platform gives no access to the source code you can't edit the html and css in this site.
  • Also you cant change the template once the one template is set. Where in wordpress, you can change the theme and design layouts. Also easy access to the source code here.
  • As wordpress is becoming very popular, you can find many developers to do your work at really cheap price.

Now a days we have many stories about the people using this platform and they have many issues with it. Some issues are related to the site's look and scrollbar issues. They are really frustrated with the issues of the bad sliders and horizontal scrolling issues. Also it has many issues related the browsers compatibility. 

As the google boosts the responsive sites, This platform can't be responsive and can't have the responsive layout.

As you have made a very good looking website in this platform and don't want to waste your design then you should find a service who will convert your website design to Wordpress. Because website optimization is very easy to do task in this free source platform.