Monday, September 12, 2016

Big concerns after Wix to Wordpress Conversion

We will discuss the big concern after you move from Wix to Wordpress:

The main concern is can you use WP same like the Wix for the designing perspective. If the site moves to wordpress will you still be able to add and edit as I have been doing so easily with wix? As you have no experience with the web development are still able edit and manage things up.

As these two are different type of platform, these two can be seen differently. As this flash designing platform offers a great way to design your site easily. It can't be compared in the similar case with the other, as the other is build to provide a great platform to develop website that is fast, responsive and very good for SEO. Yes, you need a developer to build things up for you in WP, but that should not be your problem. Because you can trust WP site a great platform for websites and blogs. That's why many people use this.

use wordpress visual editor

use wordpress visual composer

Yes , you can use visual composers to a good effect for drag and drops like the flash. But it cann't be compared with the flash site builder.

The another big concern is what happens to the old urls in the wix (as you have many backlinks)?

If you have the old wix url structure then you can change the htaccess to redirect the old urls to the new ones.

How you can set up the domain ( purchased in Wix ) to point to your hosting?

You can change the host server ip in the Wix domain settings. Then you can host your domain in your hostings.