Saturday, September 3, 2016

Best SEO Strategies to work after switching from WIX to Wordpress

In this article we will look into the SEO strategies after you have moved from Wix to Wordpress, to get best results in Searches.

Switch from Wix to Wordpress boosts SEO

1. You should have a real good content focused on your business goals and traffic. So that other people can link to site url. It will give you some amount of traffic.The materials on the website should be useful for the users, therefore, they can visit you again. You have to think like a writer and always try to write articles in your niche in the others websites as well.Choosing a unique title and description always helps to keep you up w.r.t. google.

2. Make sure your wordpress site has no console errors after Wix to Wordpress conversion. Also check that your website is mobile ready. google boosts the sites that is complete responsive across all the mobile devices. There should not be and horizontal scrolling that breaks responsiveness. Using less sized images and minified code always helps to keep your site faster.

3. Take a secure protocol (HTTPS). https sites are boosted more than the normal insecure sites. In recent times, google has boosted many sites using a secure connection.

4. Make a markup( related to your business or whatever that site is build for. Having a schema in all the pages helps the bots to understand your site.

5. If you have build many backlinks for the wix site, redirect those to the new WP site, by htaccess.

6. Make sure you have got a pretty tight local SEO in the site. This include right positioning of the html elements (like h1, h2, p - quality html content).

7. There are many SEO plugins out there in the WP-repository, choose the right one, like yoast SEO.

8. Make sure your all image elements have a alt tags.

9. Submit the sitemap to google search console.

10. After 1-2 months see the keyword density and make the density of every keyword (1-2%).

11. Use google analytics to see website traffic.

Conclusion: No problem or SEO loss for "Switch from Wix to Wordpress". Infact, your SEO will be boosted.