Monday, September 12, 2016

Exact design conversion facts

What are the major factors in same to same design conversion?

The most important thing is exact conversion is really painful. Because the user who has build the site can do anything in drag and drop. So, you have to design accordingly well, so that it can look exactly same. And its too much painful, if you have to design in a wordpress theme, purchased from somewhere. In this case, the good chances are you cant design as it is.

Wix to Wordpress design conversion Facts

For designing freely, you have built it with a theme from scratch. And yes it really solve the designing problems.

Lets take a situation where you have build a beautiful design in wix and it is really big and hard. And you have purchased a theme of different design. That's where the problem arises if you need same design. In this case a custom theme will work far better (if you need a really good SEO). Because custom theme will be very fast and build perfectly to match your design exactly same.

Wix to Wordpress migration is not an easy process if you need the design as it is. You can some migration software or plugin but they are not effective in migrating the design.

How tuff is the exact conversion of your website to HTML5 then Wordpress?

As in the flash site builder, the user can change the design by their self, they can move the elements around in the template and drop at some position, coding those into HTML5 makes it more tuff.

Also, all the pages can have the different layouts, so the conversion process goes time taking too.

Wix uses some ugly sliders, that can be replace with the same functionality sliders as well.